tuesday / 6:48 am

i've been sleeping a lot these days. went to bed at 9 last night, zonked out on the couch and then paul brought me up closer to midnight, and i just kept sleeping. the kitties both came and cuddled with me. it was a comfy, warm and sweet dream space last night. 

and i finally sent through an owning for an intern opening through ccad's career services site. i don't know what to expect, if anything at all... but at least it's out there. i'll give it a week and if no one bites, i'll go through other avenues. i just realized that you can't accomplish everything in life by yourself. "you can do anything, but not everything." and with an assistant, i'd get a lot more done. 

this way, i can be effective both at home and for both businesses. maybe chris should look into hiring as assistant for himself. he looks like he will explode into bits if any more projects pull him in more directions.