words are going to fail me here, so I will refer to this...

what we fell for is the thousands of hours we spent in each other's company, which seems to me, a more direct way of knowing someone... that time was so carefree and sentimental.  I mean, it was beautiful and so fun we felt like children.  I may be the only one that remembers that now, but it was a moment that we were together for, and now that's gone.  he shared that with me, and no body else will ever know what it's like.  you're imagining it, because I described it to you, but that's not the same thing.  and if you don't know someone by having experiences like that with, and by sharing memories like that with them, then I would submit that you cannot ever know anybody at all.


tim krieder, we learned nothing  (taken from a radiolab interview)


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