monday /6:50 am

taking yesterday as a personal day was the best thing i did all week. i spent it with paul by my side, and we reconnected and had a great, laid-back and relaxing day. my energy was so low and my eating habits were terrible this past week, so a day of rest and recoup was very smart. 

VSCO has an artist scholarship they're giving away. i'm contemplating applying for it, if only to keep my dream of travel and documenting quiet maturely moments alive. i'm sure there are a lot of others that have similar intentions, so i need to make my entry personal. maybe it's to trace my roots of my family, document where they went and photograph the areas. tie in the memory book, with the memory photos, with present day reality. macedonia, ellis island, the american railroad (starting in delaware, coming to columbus), where the fuck is darda...? and most definitely check out the mountain that my family owns, opticheri, panovski livadi, orehovo, etc...

i need to get my hands on as many old photos as possible. olga, milica, they're a good start. spacija, she would be a goldmine, dad most importantly.... and find those tapes of baba ilinka interviews. 

game plan it tonight. come up with a timeline / mode of research, put down a quick proposal, write an artist statement, apply to VSCO, look up other agencies, talk to eli /aleks.... let's get this party started!