thursday / 6:48 am

i had a dream that our house got robbed. we were out for a minute and came back to an open door waiting for us. it was clear that they were interrupted, because they only took a handful of items. but as paul and i were going through items that we thought were missing, and making a list, we heard them come back. 

they were mean and persistent fuckers, and no matter what i did to protect our home, it wasn't enough. it got as far as it becoming a physical altercation between myself and the lead lady. i remember trying to remember as much as i could about them in my head so that i could do a sketch for the police. but what i should've done is taken a photo with my phone and then pressed the panic button on my key fab. 

i woke up feeling so helpless and defeated. i hate that i couldn't defeat my own, nor that i could protect my kitties. miso got hurt during the whole process and i was beyond upset about this. i was about to choke this lady until i felt the life of her about to escape, and then last minute i'd back off. 

i don't know much about dreams. but maybe I should look into them a bit more.