wednesday / 6:47 am

everything is wet and shiny. as if the world is taking a big bath and starting a new day.  my mind has been on work a lot lately. the huge promotion at work and the amount of work that needs to be produced is all in the back of my mind. i feel confident in my abilities, but i am not so confident in the time allotted to get these tasks done. perhaps part of growing into this new position is asking for the right amount of time to get things done correctly. 

i'm also pushing ahead with aperture. getting our work out for marketing purposes, reaching out for the photo booth to cover bigger and better events, getting seen, heard and otherwise finding more exposure. and, most importantly, looking for an intern. that will be a priority for me this summer. 

with the promotion and the boost in pay, i feel more secure in our ability to get more creative with the booth as well. i'd like to do a video slow-motion booth. it will be something i'd like to launch mid-summer and get it out in front of people to see. and, with that comes a complete redesign of the booth website, to make it more fun, showcase the events, and show off the experience.  so many ideas and tasks in my head, maybe moving into a similar position of managing and directing at home would be a good idea. with our intern taking on the tasks i have in mind. or maybe there are two of them? one dedicated to the company /marketing and another to the booth? now that's an idea...