sunday / 9:55 am


why is it that we have to do everything?  it used to be that your life meant something without having to be so fractured all the time. being a photographer was enough. being a wife / mother / daughter / friend was enough. being a determined artist was enough.  but these days? not so much.

i have to be a photographer. and an architect. and a blogger. aand a creative maker and shaker. i must be good at being everything. a baker. a caretaker. a coworker. a friend. and a wife. a daughter. a sister. a mother. and i must be social. oh, i must be social because once i stop its so hard to restart my place again. and I have to understand marketing, social media, personal blogging versus business blogging. and financial strategy. and i must do it before anyone else or before its trending. and I have to be good at it. i must take on many roles. i must add to my career, not in quality, but in quantity of things. projects. services. clients. and so on.

how is this become the norm? no wonder we can’t sleep at night.