thursday / 7:18 am

i have to start working out again. there's just no excuse except for laziness. it's coming up on 2 weeks that I've stopped now... granted i've been insanely busy and pulling 12-16 hour days once i'm finally home for the night. but still, i can afford 20 minutes of intense physical action to keep pushing toward my goal of total flat tummy! i'm so close... it's not about being skinny or losing weight, i don't care about that shit. it's about being so close to a goal and stopping short before it happens. my thighs and legs and butt definitely could use that last but of toning up and tightening up. 

that said, the insanity has hopefully calmed down now. i'm hoping the long hours at meyers are tapering off for something more consistent and with a solid deadline. it will be less about impressing a client and more about generating the documents needed to get the job done... again, being so close to the finish line and being able to say you did it. 

my work friendships are getting stronger, my position there is getting more respected. i feel like things are falling into place now and it's just a matter of me learning to grow and deal with the kinds of ideas /tasks /projects i'm dealt with. one day at a time, right?