thursday / 6:46 pm

today's recovery has been all over the place, i've had a lot more pain and bleeding, and the narcotics are making me feel so strange. like i'm in some sort of half-awake dream sequence. yet, my mind is racing and there's so much i want to do. time is so precious for me, and i have a ton i'd like to do on my mind - mostly aperture marketing things, but also books for my family for christmas, coordinating and backing up personal photos for the past year, and above all, i just want to focus on some art projects.

mainly, this is what i want to work on:

  • videos from the go pro trips
  • reorganize my website / add more photos from trips
  • get film developed and scanned
  • set aside time to go on trips for photos
  • watercolors and notes for projects
  • reorganize my studio / walls
  • illume collective blog and artist studio visits
  • research for my nonfiction / autobiographical book

maybe i should open up a calendar and schedule all of this in before i get too overwhelmed with it all in my head.