saturday / 9:15 am

i've had a rather long and stressful week. i over booked myself, over extended myself for friends and family, took to cleaning the house in stress of giving myself time and space, went to a ton of meetings (including social ones with friends) and when the week was finally over yesterday evening, i had nothing more to give. i was in my head, emotionally non-present, and otherwise cold to the world. and it took paul 15 mins of me walking into the door to realize this. he gave me time and space at first, but then came around to bring physically close, to stopping whatever inane task i was doing to give me long hugs, or tickle my neck with soft kisses, or a backscratch, or to tell me he loves me. 

and after coming with me to my last meeting of the week, we went for an ice cream date and walked around town, checking out boutiques, getting our minds a rest, and giving our visual sensory a much needed awakening. just the act of walking around in a space that provided much curiosity and enjoyment was all i needed to calm me, give me that time i needed to let go of things, and become that better person i know i am. 

i love paul for this... for his keen sense of perception, for wanting to fix me before i got worse, and for spending the evening by my side while i took time to just 'be'.