tuesday / 6:54 am

i feel like i have nothing to say today. i have been diligent with my workouts, with my time to myself at night, with being creative, and managing a career, with pushing our photo booth forward, with spending time with paul, with giving back to my community... etc. 

i even went to sleep at a reasonable time last night and slept deep and sound and had vivid dreams. on top of that, the weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, my energy is coming back full force, and i hope to start remodeling some house things soon. my review at work is next week, and i will ask for a significant raise, get paid my worth and finally feel like i've become something... not that i need money to make me feel self worth. but i do need to be compensated in a way that reflects my self worth, that allows me to live my life as i need to, and that gives me the flexibility to exist in a way i couldn't before. 

so, things are progressing, you could say. and as a result, my mind is calm. i still crave travel and to see and experience things in a way that fulfill me, but i need to secure things here first before any of that can happen. and while last year we had everything planned out and all kinds of trips lined up, i'm happy to say that this year i'm just taking things as they come, making trips up as my life progresses, and based on where i am with things. and you know what...? that works too. preplanning is good, but fly by the seat of your pants travel is just as good. it's a true adventure. it's pure discovery.