monday / 6:50 am

i'm beyond tired today. both body and mind... sleep came very late last night and my workout went up another level. i'm kicking my own ass, and i'm so glad to have stuck it out this far with the daily workouts. 

my mind is on work, and what awaits me there this week. deadlines, new projects, co-worker dynamics ... i need to tone all of that down and just focus on the task at hand one minute at a time in order to finish all of my projects. 

it's strange, last night i had so much to say, but this morning my mind is pacified and i'm just sitting here, being, breathing, just experiencing how it is to be alive, with no other real thoughts or yearnings or desires. i'm in state 'zen' at the moment, without the meditation. and i kind of like it. 

is this what normal people feel like most of the time? with no real thoughts about art and life and travel and mortality? a pacified mind, completely fulfilled with what they have and all they are, with no reason to want to be more as a person. and absolutely no thought on if their work will stand the test of time or if it's even good enough. sometimes, this pacified mind of a life is what i crave. it's easy, it's comforting, and simple.