thursday / 6:46 am

there's a kitten on my chest purring and begging me to pet her and scratch her chin. she's warm, sweet and very lovable. she likes to nuzzle my chin and burrow into my neck, and then slowly fall asleep, as her purring goes from loud, shallow breaths to deeper, softer breaths, until at last, there's a deep belly sigh and she's willfully asleep tucked under. i can feel her tiny breaths on my skin, cold when she breathes in, warm when she breathes out. this feeling is the epitome of feeling safe, comforted and calm. and i am elated that I can be that for her. 


yesterday was nowhere near such a feeling. i allowed the actions of those around me to seep in, influence my mind and spirit, get under my skin and really get me angry. and that is an understatement even. rage, i felt rage. and when i realized it, i became more angry - not at the actions which caused this reaction, but at myself for being so weak and letting myself slip into that irrational territory.