monday / 7:03 am

the cats are swirling around me, being cute and cuddly. my body aches (in a good way) from last nights work out and marathon walking. i need to walk more. one to two hours a day is all it takes. it makes me feel a million times better, physically and mentally. and next time I do this I should take my camera along with me. no kidding. especially walking around downtown or even just to the ravine. i have so much film i need to go through and goddamit if i don't do it this spring. i've got no shoots scheduled between now and may, and the only reason i am do damn busy is because i schedule myself with too many tasks. 

but no more. i'm going to schedule creative time for myself. it's going to happen. the same way paul schedules band nights (twice a week!) and on top of that, his own time to noodle around the music gear, or to paint or draw or make visible people. but i constantly find ways to waste my time - house cleaning, social media, news, weather, cats, more cleaning, random tasks. these things make me feel as if i'm progressing and as if i'm producing things. but all it is is road blocks i put down for myself before the real work actually begins. 

well, let's do this then. starting tonight. less wasting time, more focused on my body and mind, going to bed earlier to get up in time to do this. i can wake up early for anything and anyone else, why can't I do it for myself? i'm the most important person for me.  stop the bullshit hristina and do the work.