wednesday / 6:50 am

i had a huge break-thru on a project at work that i would personally defend if chris has anything negative to say about it. that said, i'm sure he will, so i'm going to have to find away to assert my ideas with him and put down my foot without pissing him off. but i'm not worried about that. 

i'm craving more interaction with friends, specifically at work, because, well, i feel closer to them because i spend more time with them. there is more shared with people you see on a daily basis, and knowing how they react to pressure and similar situations you are in, it forms a bond that's natural. my friends outside of there are ones i chose because they were part of paul's group of friends, or i sought them out because i needed my own core group, but aside from one or two of them, there aren't too many that i'd enjoy spending with. and especially under stressful situations... and then here's the kicker, on top of all of that, to crave even more time with them.