saturday / 6:35 am

i spent all day yesterday in DC with my sisters and having a great time, walking, talking, reconnecting, helping aleks make a decision. it's the little things that are meaningful and you look back on in fond memory... and i know this trip is definitely going to be one of those moments where i look back on and say, "this is how i want to remember my life and time with them..." because as adults, we are do pulled apart /spread thin /so engrossed in the daily tasks and responsibilities that it's hard for us to pull away and just consciously spend it with someone. 

taking a trip away from home and all of these daily tasks also helps clear mind, refocus on what my priorities are, and pacify my urgency to do everything all at once. i now know that an intern for the next year is priority #1, and leaving work at the office is priority #2... i need to balance out my energies and balance out my priorities, otherwise aperture will be left behind in the dust. and that is the opposite of what i want. 

but most importantly, i know that i want to spend more time with paul and in our home, working on home improvement projects, and just focusing on us in general. and, i want to spend more time with friends and coworkers whom i've forged deep friendships with, and who also add another layer of depth to me. yes. this trip was definitely good at helping me see all of this. 

now, off to meet otessa (hopefully!) and to make our way back home.