monday / 6:45 am

i didn't write a morning page either day this weekend. instead i slept in until noon both days, and then went around my business. it's no excuse, really,  but it was also good to just take a mental break and just do /be without thinking. 

i spent time with friends and family, helped raise close to $700 in sales for the neighborhood community event, kept one clean house all weekend long, made paul breakfast in bed, played cards, saw an old friend, read my book, and got to all of the aperture emails and business paperwork i've been meaning to do. oh, but i forgot the paperwork for the taxes... oh well, can't have it all. 

i've had all kinds of dreams / 

some were of the horror story variety (thanks to the x files and other crime drama shows), others were of family, art, a weird vivid one about graduation (felt like high school but it was for arch grad school?), i'm assuming it was about closure, driving in bad weather, staying in the woods with madonna and my sister... you know, the usual variety of nonsense in my head. and this was all just one night. 

but i've got to leave my subconscious alone for now and focus more on tasks for work. i need to do material research for the freytag house, as well as focus a bit on working together with chris on the final details of the interior. i think it's all doable... i just need to get the stigma of 'get it perfect' out of my head, and communicate with chris more. because that's all it is, learning to communicate with him.