116th and claremont.

digging through some old files and found this lovely shot from 2001. this was taken through the window screen of my manhattan apartment on a wet, cold fall evening. i love the quality of film and the way it muddies the image just enough for your mind to fill in the gaps with more memories.

i'm so glad i've restored my old F2 and shooting film again.  i've got a bunch of rolls waiting to be developed.  it's like magic once you have them in hand.  next step: setting up my darkroom. that's where the real magic happens.  will post more on the darkroom set up once i have stuff to show.

hope you like this shot as much as i do. hp.


new york city.

oh dear, where do i start with this... the past three days have been a dream.  a constant whirlwind of movement, discovery, subways, photo expos, shoots, friends, drinks, more drinks, more subways, walking, more walking, not feeling my toes walking, roof tops, the high line, trains, graffiti, more drinking, fire escapes, familiar places, new spaces, bridges, train tracks, art shows, the quay brothers, and a client couple to die for.  phew. 

it's been too long, but i finally went back to the one place that feels like home for me. the first time i set foot in new york city i was sixteen and star struck, and i knew it was the place for me. for the four years i lived there, i had never felt more alive. columbus is home in that there are people here who tie me to this place, but new york city is one of very few places i really feel like myself, like i belong. it makes me feel alive, feeds me through culture, history, art, spontaneity and the life that surrounds you at all times. i'm lucky to have a business that is starting to spread its wings, infiltrate other markets, and make the most of what the entire world has to offer.  travel is the best gift you could give someone, especially if it means i'll come to you, explore on your turf, and take photos of your sweet personality and pretty faces.

although this was a business trip for aperture, i also built in some time to catch up with some dear friends and to do some personal shooting.  i don't have any film developed as of yet, but i did take a ton of iphone and instagram photos. a handful of favorites are below.  i'm sure i'll post more once the more serious photography is developed. next trip is to the smokey mountains in a few weeks.  but for now, time to recoup and get some work done.  enjoy.  hp